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This is the story of a kid named Danny
A cute little boy with a life he had planning
A happy little dude that was bang into rapping
Now your gonna walk in his shoes to what happened
13 years old he snuck out the house and went to the high street
Trying to by weed
But he bumped into a chick that said fuck weed come have a drink,
I’ve got I.D
She was 18 and should have known better
year 2000 middle of December
The 15th a night that would haunt her forever they went to shop,
she bought him some Stella
They drunk it together then met tony with Lorraine and Gemma
the last people little Dan will ever truly remember,
they’ll never really understand what they messed up
This kid had options but after tonight that’s gonna be problem
This kid could have been anything he wanted to be but they all stopped him
Coulda been football star with 5 nice cars or a champion at boxing
Coulda been the best mc on the planet with a track list you’d play often
could have been a doctor or could have got movie roles and got nominated for Oscars
Anyway I'll stop with the what could haves and get back to the monsters

Lorraine and Gemma had just got married
they seemed real nice and looked really happy
they were having a party, and needed a victim
but I wish they didn’t invite Danny
but they did and he went cos he didn’t have a clue it was going to end so badly
if he did he woulda run like an athlete all the way home right back to his family
but he didn’t, and now its all bad dreams

they got to the house and poured him a drink he was already drunk and they poured him another
they gave him some pills that made him feel drowsy & sick they had it all planned so he couldn’t do a runner
they looked at each other and walked to a cupboard put a knife in each hand
and talked to each other
And said that in order to prove their love for each other...they had to sacrifice another
And with no regards for his mother his baby sister or his little brother
Little dan was the another that was going to suffer ...

stab stab slice 1 to the neck 1 to the chest 1 to the back
stab stab stab again in the back now his left lung has fully collapsed
stab stab slice nearly half way there too much blood so they took him outside
kicked him down the stairs
Dragged him across to a bench continued to stab until they thought he was dead
And just to make sure he couldn't go anywhere, they stabbed his hand to the bench
After a kick to the head
Then they left..... Then they came back little dan was still breathing so they gave another few stabs to help the right lung collapse
As his intestines filled his little hands and the blood soaked the land around little dan
Breaths getting shorter, heart rate getting slower not much blood to go now for the little guy
He’s bleeding out for sure..
He knows he’s gonna die on this floor, but he keeps his eyes open for as long as he can
Painting pictures in the stars with an imaginary hand
Swallowed his pride and it dripped out his throat, getting ready to die as his little body slowly froze
Curled up as tight as he could in his blood soaked holy clothes
Said goodbye to the world that he knows and said good by the the world he don't
Now the frost that froze his wounds, allowed blood to flow slower
Heart rate has reduced just enough to tick over
Go on son you can do it go onnnnnnnn
Fucking go on wake uppppppppppp
Pleaseeeeeeeee wake the fuckkkkk up
and boom with a final shot of adrenaline he turned his back on heaven
He opened his eyes and there was a dog in sight
He reached up to the knife and pulled it out of his tiny hand and put it to his side
He scrapped it on the ground which made the dog get hype
and start barking which made the guy he walked with start asking
What you barking at ya silly bastard.
But the dog came running and the angry owner followed him over
with fear kicking in with each step cos he can smell the blood as he gets closer
He finally finds little dan curled up with his eyes open
and the story has it that the little man smiled and worded to the big man
Don't be scared just get help quick fam.....
And with that he slipped back into a world where nobody will truly know
Cos we never got that kid back this lad was born again jokez


from XIII, released December 2, 2016
Credits: Written by B.A.R.E JokeZ
Mixed by - B.A.R.E JOKEZ




B.A.R.E JokeZ Scotland, UK

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