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I'm back in the war zone me myself & jokez
The battle of the mind combined and I write more notes
And they rhyme and I'm just like wow
Cos I kinda like what I wrote
So I just lose my grip and let the pen slip
til the ink emptied reload the ink quick
Explode a flow, that made me know
That I could achieve my goals as I go ballistic
I'm the target they missed in the distance
I’m either hard to hit or I'm gifted
Never raise my arms and quit cos I'm different
Now I've got the heart to live I'm not injured
Watch me go marching in my own missions
No reinforcements just my own wisdom
Just my own mind my only resistance
My fight for life, I've improvised, a millions times
And I've survived, I'm fearless
I'm back in the snipers eye I'm doing zig zags
Across the page that I invade to make an impact
With a sedated brain, then slur the words I dispatch
a mismatch, relapse, now watch me spin back
my head full of combat that i’ll always remember
Theres no one more on it I could never surrender
the altercation with myself and nobody else
Behind enemy lines is where I would end up
The bomb just dropped and I see the smoke clear
Everything stopped its like I've paused the moment
The drone hit wiped out my opponents
broke them I show them no condolence
I stand for a minute like my feet are frozen
flash bang Boom then I see an explosion
Grab my pen and reload it, close my eyes and I open

This is my life, there are many alike
You might here it all the time but this one is mine
I’m My own best friend. time to master my mind
Still got a couple hundred pieces of this puzzle to find
Cos with out my mind I'm just useless
and my mind with out me just useless
I speak the truth and then they call it music
so I shoot in straight to the point I'm proving
with an illusion of war while im sitting secluded
then my mind stopped time just to slow the motion
Rewinds 3 times and multiplies the whole room
I see me squared, I been there, i swear down
i’m not prepared, cos these pills are potent
the execution of a human just for modern amusement
i’m confused with their solution cos there is no improvement
Don't know what they're doing cos I'm never included
Now theses pills got me acting all stupid

So I run in to the battlefield I'm waving a white flag
In my right hand and my left tied to my strap
my rhyme pad filled with the life that I've had
the battle in my mind do I quit it or fight back
Then bang bang boom bullets fly by my cap
I dive to ground and hide behind the sand bags
I drop the white flag
I let my right hand meet the strap in my left hand
And bang back

like I'm a mad man on Baghdad mission
But this isn't Iraq its just a mad mans visions
i see my body collapse & then the blood start pissing
Got my union jacked my dog tags went missing
Body bag in a box with not a dam thing written
i’m the man they forgot with just a pad full of lyrics
so now you see what I see, you can see where I've been
cos this is just a flash back I have every 5 dam minutes

Cos I'm back in my pad on my bed
Attacking a pad with a pen
then counter attacking again
To abandon the battle within
This massacre trapped in my head
Cos I fell like a passenger travelling dead,
This body just a vessel I’m travelling in


from XIII, released December 2, 2016
Credits: Written by B.A.R.E JokeZ
Instrumentation Credits: V.I.P.N
Mixed by - B.A.R.E JOKEZ




B.A.R.E JokeZ Scotland, UK

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