ME, MYSELF & JokeZ Pt​.​1

from by B.A.R.E JokeZ

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I'm here and I cant escape I got caught went court now I count my days
Feel this corpse filling up with rage, dead inside to the pain that drips down my face
It wont go away away…watch me float away, hopefully there is no hope for me, I don’t have nobody somebody show me the way….

Don’t close all the these doors on me show me what love is I swear I can do it I promise I’ll try it I beg you don’t this, I already done it I'm just a confused a kid I don’t find this funny
I do find this funny you puppets on bungees your systems corrupted and you think you fucked me, but I just got lucky I'm here with the scum of the country,
And I’m coming hunting.
I'm not gonna do nothing I'm not even hungry I don’t want a tele I don’t want your lunches I don’t want a phone call I don’t want your mattress your clothes or your blankets no burn or no matches no visit no showers no minutes no hours
My chemical balance is knackered; I'm travelling backwards,
I’m back to cause trouble, I'm back to make damage, and find all them bullies that pick on them cowards i’ll break all your tele’s to stab them in the showers, I’m not using no manors your rules get abandoned this jungle is mine I don’t care for your cameras, your cuffs or your batons your block or your sanctions your locks or your tactics mean nothingggggg
Please make this stop cos I’ve tried and it doesn’t, the voice in my mind that my head has discovered, this joker this character this complete nutter, I'm fucked cos we look like each other, we breath and we eat and we sleep like each other
We needed each other to speak to each other. Like brothers that beat up each other to make us get tougher and believe in each other buts I am the one its always me that suffers.
Don’t make this stop, I beg you don’t do this, don’t give us pills it will make us both stupid, everything we have, this bond we will lose it and never get back this life that we’ve ruined, I’m gonna get mad fam I’ll stab all these doctors just let me the fuck out this lab with these monsters, we don’t need your tablets we don’t need a conscience so fuck off we don’t want your options

Well Mr. Herbert, jokez & Daniel, its quite clear that your chemical balance is unnatural
You’re like an animal creating more harm then a cannon ball
Trapped within walls of infinity that won’t allow your mind to travel
Slowly losing a hold of reality and the characteristics that make us humans and not just mammals
Fighting an unwinnable battle with yourself a vessel lost with no paddles
A door with no handles a gun with no barrel, do you get where I'm going with this son…. Right now there’s no life about you, you might as well be dead with your best friend Darrell…

So they hit me wit largactil and said I’d change
They we’re dam straight fuck I couldn’t feel my face
Couldn’t eat for days felt sick as it filled my veins
Couldn’t piss straight couldn’t stop feeling strange
Couldn’t sleep to kill my days, felt weak as I felt weeks drift away
Stuck In these liquid chains until these fucks consider me sane
Sane? I cant even say my name without dribbling and making mistakes
I keep vomiting but gaining in weight, when I'm walking I'm wobbling I'm out my face
Locked down where they locked the krays I got a shock in this crazy place
I know I’m not the same I know I’ve got to change I need to stop this phase
I'm robber not a killer just dealer I’m shotter I’m leader with a collar on
And now I need to break free

I know I'm not the same me, and now they say the same too
Got me medicated out my mind now they wanna set me free as a sane dude
Met up with the parole board, they sent me straight to my shrink
Met up with the doctor took his prescription and put that script straight in the bin

But don’t say anything cos they might say I'm crazy, get me sectioned again
Understand the message cos the message is clear, I had to save myself or I wouldn’t be here


from XIII, released December 2, 2016
Credits: Written by B.A.R.E JOKEZ
Instrumentation Credits: V.I.P.N
Mixed by - B.A.R.E JOKEZ




B.A.R.E JokeZ Scotland, UK

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